A very wet start


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It has been raining almost non-stop the past few days. Temperature is lower than usual. Some folks are wearing their cardigans and most folks welcome the cool weather. At least we do not need to turn on the air-conditioner to sleep.

This is the first of my experiments. This year, will try to experiment more with my dollies and photography. This is my new year resolution. (^-^)




A snug hideout


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Recently, we have been experiencing heavy downpours and a couple of times, during the night. This made getting out of bed in the morning harder than usual. Given that my plate is overflowing with tasks…oftentimes, I just want to stay cocooned in bed. My wishful thought for the new year… (~ _^)




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After much consideration, I decided to downsize my dollie family and probably will redo some character designs.

I have listed Mikado (Soseo) and Haru (Shiho) for sale both here and on Den of Angels.

Also, I have some SWITCH wigs with original box and net unless stated otherwise for sale too. Each USD28. I have Baby Eclair Cream White M, Tart Cut Pecan Brown M, Millefeuille Cut Pecan Brown L (no box)

Please PM me if you are interested in them.