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Shun and Kin lost their parents in a car accident two years ago. During the will reading, everyone was shocked to learn that their father had appointed Mikoto, a young and single stranger who is only ten years the twin’s senior, to be their legal guardian.

Mikoto was surprised too. He came to know the twin’s father while working in the cafe. They clicked off so well that Shun’s father “adopted” Mikoto as his younger brother.

Life after the funeral was not easy for the three of them. But they worked hard to understand each other and learned through laughters, tears and quarrels to become a new family. Kin and Shun have come to love and respect Mikoto very much and Mikoto, too, has come to appreciate his new family.




I’m here…


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Sometimes Kaoru will get into a dark depressing mood. When this happens, Shun will just stay by his friend and wait patiently.


And then Kaoru might talk. He might cry. He might curse. He might just keep quiet. It’s ok. Shun will just be there waiting and Kaoru knows it.


An exercise to improve seeing


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The other day, read a post by Cemal Ekin on how we can improve seeing and start seeing things we would previously miss out. Was eager to try the exercise described in the post as I figured improved seeing would be good for both my photography and painting.

And here’s my first practice. Not very good though…I would say.