Girl with cat ears


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ki_2012 copy

Have been re-thinking my dollies: their new looks and characters. Here is the first one. Kin [金]. A girl who likes to wear cat ears and has a cat-like personality.


Over bundled


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Mikado (Soseo), fully bundled up for his journey to his new owner. Because his new owner specifically requested for extra care in packaging due to rough handling of packages in the destination country, I spent a fair bit of time wrapping him up with bubble wraps etc. In fact, I have to undo some of the bubble wraps because he could’t get into his blanket. (^_^;;)

Now he’s ready to go to his new owner. Farewell, my boy. Hope you will have a good time in your new home. (,^_^,)

Mood Changer #33


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I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

~ Joyce Meyer ~

Put down low by a bad flu is no joke. When the body is weak and in pain and the mind weakened by medication and frustration of not being able to do much things, these are easy times to get depressed. At times I even became impatient with my body. But I have myself to be blamed since I have not been taking good care of my body. Cause and result.


A very wet start


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It has been raining almost non-stop the past few days. Temperature is lower than usual. Some folks are wearing their cardigans and most folks welcome the cool weather. At least we do not need to turn on the air-conditioner to sleep.

This is the first of my experiments. This year, will try to experiment more with my dollies and photography. This is my new year resolution. (^-^)



A snug hideout


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Recently, we have been experiencing heavy downpours and a couple of times, during the night. This made getting out of bed in the morning harder than usual. Given that my plate is overflowing with tasks…oftentimes, I just want to stay cocooned in bed. My wishful thought for the new year… (~ _^)