Hey, beautiful boy


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Shun is an androgynous boy.  He was often mistaken as a girl when he was young.  In fact, his mother, a fashion/artist photographer, likes to dress him up and photographs him. His anime/game friends tried to get him to cosplay as their favourite female characters but he always rejects them. He would only do it for his mother.  Recently, he begins to allow Ziki to dress him up for his preparation work for new collection.  Because he enjoys working with Ziki.


Need a bigger bed


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Mikado, woke up by Mikoto who has snuggled up beside him, asked “Bad dream?”

Mikoto: “En.”  And they fell back into sleep.


Shortly, Mikado was awoken by a voice…

Sleepily, he opened his eyes and saw Mizuki standing by the bedside.

Mizuki: “Ni-chan, can I sleep with you?”

Mikado, smiled and reached out his hand towards Mizuki: “Come.”


Mizuki climbed into the bed, hugging Mikado, he fell back into sleep.  Lying between the two sleeping brothers like they were used to when young, Mikado, feeling a bit squashed up, thought to himself: “Hmm…need to get a bigger bed…” and then felt into a slightly uncomfortable sleep.

Here, try some ice shavings


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mikoto and mikado having ice shavings

Mizuki has missed out a lot of childhood fun including eating/drinking cold stuff due to his weak health.  Now that he is older and stronger, Mikoto decides that it’s time he has some fun.  Especially when Mikado is not around.

Slightly intoxicated


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…with boredom.

Being famous as a fashion designer, Ziki often receives invitations to functions and events.  Even though, he keeps his attendance to the minimal and he has no problems interacting and charming the people he comes into contact with, he would much prefer to stay at home doing what he likes or spend time with people he likes.
Ziki in tux tailed shirtZiki in tux tailed shirt Ziki in tux tailed shirt

A successful prototype


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In many ways, this loose shirt is an experiment.  This soft and thin white cloth is called “Bahama Voile”.  It wrinkles but I quite like the effect.  Then I varied the box shirt pattern.  And finally, because some of the blue sewing markings wouldn’t wash off, I dyed the shirt with black tea.  The dye sort of covers the blue markings but it makes the shirt looks old and worn.  Perhaps my dyeing wasn’t done correctly.  That’s another try for another day.  

For now, I know I quite like the cloth and this pattern.  Just have to remember no blue markings.
kaoru in loose white shirt kaoru in loose white shirt