Notes On My Work

Kindly note the following before you place order to buy my handicraft:

Crochet Hats and Accessories and Such

a) The hats, cat ear accessories etc are especially made by me to fit Dollfie Dream (DD) and 1/3 sized BJD unless stated otherwise.
b) If you like that colour and design, drop me an email at to make arrangement for order, payment and delivery.
c) The actual colour might look different depending on your monitor.
d) The price listed is meant for the piece of work only.  Doll, pattern, shipping etc are not included.  Payment will be via paypal for international buyers.  Unless stated otherwise, the hat will be sent from Singapore in an envelope.  For local buyers, other arrangement can be made.
e) Even though the materials are not known to cause any staining, it is recommended you take the necessary precautions as I cannot replace stained doll or parts.
f) Oh! I have a dog at home.  And none of us smoke.  For those who have concerns.

Instructions for Care:

a) The crochet hats are mostly made of washable cotton unless stated otherwise and easily maintainable.  Just gently rinse them in normal tap water will do.  Leave air dry either by laying it flat on table or putting on a ball to maintain the shape.
b) Repeated or harsh washing might cause colour to fade and yarn to fray.
c) Ripple yarn looks and feels like straw.  Water might cause the colour to run and yarn to fray.  Do not flatten it.  Store in a box to maintain the shape.
d) For the accessories, it’s not advisable to wash them.


a) If you missed an item I have put up for sale and would love to have it, PM me to check if I can make it for you, stating the colour, item you would like, size and quantity.
b) I will revert if I still have the materials available to fulfill the order.  I reserve the rights to use whatever embellishments [button, ribbon etc] for the customised item.
c) Once the order is confirmed, I will only start work after I have received the full payment.  Estimated delivery will take two weeks after full payment is received.  No refund is available if you cancel your order.  No changing of colour etc will be entertained once I started the order.
d) I reserved the rights to decide which item can be customised.
e) Size wise, I have SWITCH, DD, Blythe, Momoko, MSD and Limhwa Leda for reference.


I do these because I enjoy working on the hats and accessories and such.  I appreciate folks who continuously give me their support by words of encouragement and purchase of my work.  My deep felt gratitude to you.  (^_^)



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