Blue thou art,


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intensely blue;
Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?
~ James Montgomery ~



Try another view?


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Yesterday overhead a fairly heated conversation. Both parties stood by her own view and refused to understand the other person’s view point. And so the conversation became fairly heated up.

As I was walking away, I was musing why they would not appreciate the other person’s perspective and then, I realised I am guilty of this too, sometimes. 😛

Perhaps, the conversation would be different if we try to look at the matter from another angle?


Get moving!


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Recently I have been neglecting my dear dollies…think they are beginning to get upset with me.  But I have my reasons.

We started some exercise routine.  Twice a week, brisk walking or slow jogging and rest of the week after dinner walk with our old dog.

Having been living a sedentary life for so long, getting the body to exercise is a challenge.  But the aching pain in my back (old injury + long hours of sitting) and seeing my old dog struggling to stand up are enough to motivate me.  Hopefully, this motivation will last.

Meanwhile, this is an old photo of my two grumpy looking but handsome boys.

And they met


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At the animal rescue centre a couple of years ago.


Mikoto’s friend, a volunteer at the animal rescue centre, sought his help to take some photos of the animals who were ready for adoption during the term break. And that was when Mikoto first met Kin who was a young cat then.

The centre has just managed to rescue the barely alive Kin from his owner after they received a tip off that the man has been abusing his cat. They were afraid that they might have to put Kin down as he suffered a hit on his head, some broken bones on his chest and fore limb.  But Mikoto succeeded in convincing them to let him care for the kitten.

Since then, Mikoto visited Kin everyday and cared for him. Initially, Kin cowered in fear whenever Mikoto tried to approach him. But after some time, Kin started to accept his presence and finally even allowed Mikoto to hold him. Everyone in the centre was happy to see Kin’s steady recovery and trust in man again.

When Kin was finally out of danger, Mikoto took him home and the triplets adopted him and gave him the name “Kin [金]” because of his pale golden fur.  And Kin is happy to find a home where he is loved and safe.