Who’s at home?


Mikado [帝] – arrived 27 Aug 2012.  SWITCH Cafe Switch: Soseo [小暑] on Humming Dolly 65 boy body. 14mm green Enchanted eyes.  Oldest of the triplet.

mikado heir apparent

Mikoto [尊] – arrived 14 Sep 2015.  SWITCH Cafe Switch: Soseo [小暑] on Humming Dolly 65 boy body. 14mm dark green Enchanted eyes.  Second of the triplet.

Mikoto soseo new look


Mizuki [聖] – arrived 14 Sep 2015.  SWITCH Cafe Switch Seoha: Soseo Dreamlike [徐夏] on Humming Dolly 65 boy body.  14mm Volks Cobalt Blue eyes.  Youngest of the triplet.

Mizuki (seoha) ready to help

Ziki – 27 Aug 2016.  SWITCH WASEON [臥選] Rosy White 6th Anniversary on HD 65 Attractive Body.  14mm light blue Volks glass eyes.

Ziki Waseon


Haru [晴] – 10 Jan 2013.  SWITCH Shiho [嘶雇] on Sadol Love60 girl body. KA-PW 18mm grey green Coolcat Germany glass eyes.  Kaoru’s sister.

shun and haru in formal outfits

Shun [俊] – 27 Sep 2014. SWITCH La Vie en Rose Ajeong Closer Ver [雅庭] on Humming Dolly 60 boy body. 14mm Switch Eclipse Enchanted eyes.  Childhood friend of the triplet.

shun in kimono

Tsune [恒] – 19 Jul 2014 [HK Dollism Plus 9].  SWITCH Siesta: R Uhui R [優戲] on Humming Dolly HD 57 girl body.  14mm light purple Volks glass eyes.  Shun’s friend.

tsune with artist bear

Kaoru [薫] – arrived 10 Aug 2012.  SWITCH 1st Anniversary Rusi [婁始] on Spiritdoll Elegance boy body. 18mm SWITCH Aquamarine Enchanted eyes.  Haru’s brother.

kaoru in sailor outfit

Hane [羽] – arrived 22 Sep 2012.  SWITCH 2011 Winter Event Ancy on Humming Dolly 57 girl body.  16mm Crobidoll acrylic eyes.  Younger sister of triplet. [Ancy head is for sale.  PM me if you are interested.]

hane day dreaming


Kagura [神楽] – arrived 27 Mar 2010.  Dollfie Dream® Standard Model ‘Yukino’ by Volks. Customisation: eyes and wig.

kagura in red checks one piece

Chika [智香] – 7 May 2015.  Volks Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura of IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS.

chika eating macaron


Leonie – arrived 18 Oct 2011.  Neo Blythe – unknown model.  Likely a Factory Blythe.

leonie and the fat cat

Nanette – arrived 22 Jun 2011.  Simply Vanilla Neo Blythe by Takara (released Oct 2010).  My first attempt at customisation.  Customisation: make-up, eyelashes, pullstrings and sleeping eyes; her mohair from Mohairhouse.

nanette dressed as little red riding hood

Josephine – arrived on 22 Apr 2011.  “Kiss Me True” Neo Blythe by Takara (released May 2010).  Customisation: sleeping eyes (For adoption.  Please PM me if you are interested)

Josephine observing some creatures

No longer at home

Granado Nuevo girl body is for sale.  PM me if you are interested. (Sold 19 Sep 2016)

Sophia – arrived on 23 Dec 2010 with her default face-up.  Leda by Limhwa (released 2010?).  Customisation: wig and eyes. (Sold and delivered on 17 Sep 2016)

sophia (leda) in green

Anna – arrived 21 Dec 2010 with her default face-up and eyes from Souldoll.  Soulkid – Katie A. by Souldoll (released 2008).  Customisation – eyelashes. (Sold; shipped off on 9 Apr 2016)

anna and holly

Tetsu [哲] – arrived 22 Sep 2012.  SWITCH Siesta: R Ryun [] on Humming Dolly 65 boy body. 14mm golden Volks glass eyes. [Sold; shipped off on 5 Sep 2015]

tetsu (ryun) Switch

Lucien – arrived on 25 May 2011 with default face-up and eyes.  Minifee Woosoo (Active Line) from Fairyland (released 2008?).  Customisation: wig  (Sold and sent off on 23 May 2013)

lucien in black wig from leekeworld

Momoko – arrived Sept 2011.  Sugary Cafe au Lait by Sekiguchi (released 2005 Oct). Retired (15 Mar 2015)

momoko in embroidered one piece