Who’s at home?


Sora [昊] – arrived 14 Sep 2015.  SWITCH Cafe Switch Seoha: Soseo Dreamlike [徐夏] on Humming Dolly 65 boy body. 14mm Switch Eclipse Enchanted eyes.


Kaoru [薫] – arrived 10 Aug 2012.  SWITCH 1st Anniversary Rusi [婁始] on Spiritdoll Elegance boy body. 18mm SWITCH Aquamarine Enchanted eyes.

Rei[霊] – arrived 22 Sep 2012.  SWITCH 2011 Winter Event Ancy Humming Dolly HD 57 girl body. 14mm Green Enchanted eyes.

Haru [晴] – 10 Jan 2013.  SWITCH Shiho [嘶雇] with 18mm Blue Coolcat Germany glass eyes.





Leonie – arrived 18 Oct 2011.  Neo Blythe – unknown model.  Likely a Factory Blythe.

leonie and the fat cat

Nanette – arrived 22 Jun 2011.  Simply Vanilla Neo Blythe by Takara (released Oct 2010).  My first attempt at customisation.  Customisation: make-up, eyelashes, pullstrings and sleeping eyes; her mohair from Mohairhouse.

nanette dressed as little red riding hood