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This is Mikoto’s new image.  He’s the second of the triplets.  I originally intended him to be someone who is so into study and research that he is awkward with people.

He gave me a flat refusal saying he will not be a nondescript.  He wants a life full of colours.

Then he went on to claim this new wig, discard the prim and proper attire and go for casual rugged style.  In fact, he demanded a loose fit and very distressed jeans.  He also told me he will be a successful architect.  Meantime, he is determined to enjoy himself while doing his undergrad studies.

On Sunday, he got a tattoo on his arm.  This morning, he informed me he plans to get another on his forearm… (0_0″)

Is it because he feels overlooked, given that the older is the heir apparent and the younger is sickly and needs constant attention?

Mikoto soseo new look