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Of all the time of the year, I decided to refresh some of the face-up of my dollies………(-__-;)  It’s rainy here, during this time of the year.  And I can only do face-up during hot days……see the irony?

Anyway, I managed to catch a sunny day and give Mizuki a new face-up and he likes his new look very much since he looks healthier and he even volunteered to help me with the rest.  (-_-;)  I better hide the remover…

He will be using this wig since Ziki has taken over his cream white Nougat cut.  He is also using the new 14mm cobalt blue eyes from Volks.  At least now, at certain angle I can see his eyes.

Now I just have to wait for another sunny day so that I can work on Kaoru….who is all cleaned up and waiting for his new face.

Mizuki (seoha) ready to helpMizuki (seoha) ready to help Mizuki (seoha) ready to help Mizuki (seoha) ready to help Mizuki (seoha) ready to help