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Ziki Waseon

Ziki [直] arrived on 27 Aug and he’s the fairest of them all.  He is a Waseon Rosy White on Humming Dolly new Attractive body.  He was released during SWITCH 6th Anniversary.  I gave him a light face up since he’s very fair.  Initially I thought of using a light coloured wig but somehow, he doesn’t seem to like it.  So will settle with this pecan brown Tart cut for him.

I will need to shop for a pair of eyes for him though.  I borrowed Tsune’s blue eyes for this shoot.  The one below is a pale rose which I don’t like how he looks with it.

Later, when the light is good, will try to take some comparison photos of him with the rest of the dolly folks and you will see how fair he is.

Oh, his name means: soon/nearby/honesty/frankness/simplicity/cheerfulness/correctness/being straight/…

Ziki Waseon Ziki Waseon