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For a long time, I have my eyes on this:

Volks Gothic Chair

Source from Volks

But the price and potential shipping cost make my wallet weeps and the man-in-the-house concerned.

When I saw this tutorial in the Dollybird magazine, I thought to try making one.

dollybird tutorial

Source from Dollybird

I sat on the idea for quite a long while before finally going to the art supply store and bought a large foam board.  Then the board stood by my sewing machine for some time.  Waiting.

One Sat after lunch, I began work on the chaise. Measuring, cutting, fitting, gluing and sewing.  By night, the chaise lounge was completed.

I invited Mikado to try sitting on the chaise. Too low. He feedback. Another 5cm will be good. (- o -) =3

Back to cracking my head.  Where to find the 5cm legs? I got some wood blocks from Daiso. They made up the height but looks blah as the chaise leg. Aborted.

One day, I saw the curtain rod end and took one down to put against the chaise. Man-in-the-house agreed it looks good. And so we made a trip down to Ikea.  At Ikea, we stood at the curtain rod section for a while. Either the height doesn’t fit or the shape doesn’t fit. With no other alternative found, I decided to try a 8cm end.

Back home, I glued the rod ends to the chaise.  When the glue was dried, Mikado tried it out again. Good enough, he said. I was very happy and man-in-the-house was very relieved because there’ll be no purchase from Volks.

Shun happened by and tried out the chaise.  He announced he can’t reach the floor (Shun is 60cm; 5cm shorter than Mikado).  Then he stretched out on the chaise and said he can accept it.  (^0^) =3  Another relief.

And here’s the chaise:

DIY chaise lounge