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Tsune in victorian outftit

It started as a peaceful and quiet morning. I was enjoying the silence while clicking away on my camera with Tsune modelling in her new Victorian style outfit.  Out of a sudden, some kid in the nearby block started screaming at the top of her lungs.  It went on and on and on.  It sounded like a tantrum sort of scream.  She stopped to catch her breath and went on another round.  And another round.  And another round.

Negative and judgemental thoughts started flooding my head and I could feel my irritation rising.  ( ̄□ ̄#)Next minute I started grumbling to the man-in-the-house as the kid continued disrupting the morning peace with her screams.

What were her parents doing?  Shouldn’t they stop her?  What was she doing?  blah…blah… and soon, I was not happy with my shots and Tsune started to look grumpy. *see the last pic*

Then, I realised my emotion and mood were spiralling down. _| ̄|○  I took a deep breathe and reminded myself not to jump into conclusion.  I paused my shooting and waited for the screams to stop.  Thankfully, it finally did after she has gone on for about 5mins.  Peace again. ε-(´・`)

Tsune in victorian outftit

Tsune in victorian outftit Tsune in victorian outftit Tsune in victorian outftit