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nanette and leonie halloween

On Halloween day, I saw a teenager standing at the bus stop waiting for bus.  She was standing in a very unusual manner and so my curiosity was piqued.  She stood with her head tucked down, her long hair hanging from one side of her head and her hood over her head.  Seemingly uncomfortable.  I couldn’t see her face until she lifted her head for a quick peep to check for her bus.  Then I realised why.  She has painted her face to look like a ghost.  Likely on her way to some Halloween party.  Her self-conscious manner was a stark contrast to the teenagers I saw in the Universal Studio, Osaka.  They painted on their pretty faces elaborately grotesque scars and  were totally enjoying themselves and the attention they received.

Perhaps the teenager was uncomfortable because she’s at the wrong place.  Perhaps she was not with her friends.  Perhaps…