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Just came back from a fairly long vacation break.  It’s a good break for this year’s work has been busy and stressful that I was losing sight of important things in life.  We went back to Osaka and Kyoto again and branched out to the surrounding areas like Hikone, Nara, Kobe.  Maybe we have been there before, so it’s not so much of “Oh!” and “Wow!”.  It was relaxing and yet we have unexpected pleasant surprises too. (^_^) For examples, we chanced upon some offering ceremony at a shrine and got to see the participants decked out in full traditional ceremonial costumes; attended the musical box concerts at Rokkasan International Musical Box Museum; saw some filming of period drama at Hikone castle; two weekend flea markets….

I visited Nomura Tailor again and these are my loots except for the red cotton.  That was a surprise find.  I chanced upon a stall selling kimono inside a mall and there was a cart full of recycled kimono fabric.  Rolls of them.  I found this red cotton still in it’s original yellowish box and paid less than 1000yen.  I would like to get some of recycled kimono fabric except the prints are likely too big for my dolls…

Anyway, can’t wait to work on them. (*^_^*)

Kyoto fabric loot