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= hajimemashite; Nice to meet you
Chika [DDS Uzuki]

This is Chika [智香]. Kagura’s younger sister. She came on 7 May 2015. From Hong Kong. Finally.

Chika [DDS Uzuki]

I have been wanting to get another DD or DDS as Kagura’s sister.  I tried for the Volks lottery a few times but no luck.  I’ve tried for her too and no win.

By the way, she is Volks Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) Uzuki Shimamura from TV series “IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS”.  I am not familiar with the series but I like her happy smile.  

Feeling disappointed, I grumbled a bit to my friends.  By chance, a friend’s friend in Hong Kong won an extra Uzuki and was looking for someone to take over her.  So this is how she came to me.  Thanks to this doll owner who willingly sold her to me at original price. \(^o^)/

She is not wearing her original full-set.  I let her tried on the cat ears hoodie I have sewed for my SD girls.  Somehow, it fits her.

Here is Chika again.

Chika [DDS Uzuki]


Chika [DDS Uzuki]

See you again!

Chika [DDS Uzuki]