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“When we have accepted the worst, we have nothing more to lose. And that automatically means- we have everything to gain!” (Carnegie 64)

kagura undergoing stain treatment

When I first received Kagura into my home, I was scared to touch and play with her. I was afraid of dropping her or causing some stains on her.  But as I saw the fun and joy doll owners have with their dollies, I started calculating the costs.  Having came to a conclusion, I began to play with her, brought her out for shoot etc.

This girl has been with me since Mar 2010.  She is beginning to have weak knees and dull skin.  Recently, she acquired some stains on her arms and neck.  So she’s now out of action, undergoing stain removal treatment.

From her, I have learnt that once I’m prepared for the worst scenario for my dollies, I no longer worry and am free to enjoy having them around.

I hope she will come back to action soon. I’m beginning to miss playing with her.