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Have you ever seen those aroma diffusers filled up with wobbly bubble jelly?

Shun and the bubble Jelly

I’m feeling as if I were one of them.  And a negative one.  Trapped inside the container and being bumped and pushed this and that way.  And now, I’m determined to jump out of the container.

Shun and the bubble Jelly

It’s been a while since my last post.  A lot had happened.

Something not so good happened before my trip –> not so enjoyable trip –> got sick after I got back –> not so good things happened –> explosion!

Shun and the bubble Jelly

I lost my cool with someone today.  After the incident, I did some inner diggings and was alarmed by the amount of negative vibes growing inside me.

Shun and the bubble Jelly

Before I slide down to the bottomless pit of negative thoughts and attitude, I’m determined to change my mood and thoughts.  Start doing what I enjoy and enjoy what I’m doing.  And this is one of them. (^_ ^)

Shun and the bubble JellyShun and the bubble Jelly