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Hakama = 袴 a traditional Japanese clothing

I chanced upon this book while I was browsing through the bookstore.  As usual, I was captivated by the photos and designs.  Thus, another pattern book added to my book shelf. ( – _ -”)


source – Japanese Doll Coordinate Recipe [和のドール・ コーディネイト・レシピ]

Tried making kimono for the Blythe sisters following the instructions.  Surprisingly, it’s not so difficult once you get the hang of it.  But the hakama  (the red pleated skirt worn over kimono; see picture below) is another story.


source – Japanese Doll Coordinate Recipe [和のドール・ コーディネイト・レシピ]

I thought Leonie would look cute wearing this. But I got lost trying to figure out the instruction for the hakama. In the end, I used my own way to make it.

Here is Leonie wearing her new kimono and hakama.  Doesn’t she look scholarly?