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***dollies are in their birthday suits (in case, some people will get offended….)

My first bjd, a Dollfie Dream, came in 2010. Since then, I have received three MSDs, three Blythes, one Momoko, five 1/3 sized bjds.  I play with my 1/3, DD and Blythe more often.  So I have sent off one of my MSDs and put up the other two for adoptions.  Hopefully, they will find their new owners soon.

In these four years, I have learned sewing, accessories making, face-up, photography, made some new friends who share the same passion, learned to blog and get to know interesting and talented people through blogging.

Will there be more?  (^_~)

I have a number of photography and sewing projects to carry out; I need to prepare for some events with my new-found friends; I want to continue to learn and improve on my skills; and hopefully get to know more talented people who are passionate about their work from different parts of the world.

I’m also eyeing Volks DDS Ranko Kanzaki.   I missed Yaya…so I hope I will be able to get Ranko.  Then I’m also planning to go for Hong Kong Dollism and hopefully Switch will have some interesting sculpts….and I also want to have a black hair Blythe…during the last outing, I saw Ruruko and a Unoa Sist/Lusis and I thought both are very cute…

Conclusion, this is an extremely addictive but fruitful hobby…. and I am thankful I get to know so many interesting people and beautiful dolls. (^_^)

Here are the whole gang in their birthday suits. (^_-)☆wink

stocktake 2014 bjd, DD, Blythe, Momoko

It’s not showing in the photo but Sophia (Limhwa Leda) is the fairest of the lot.  Kagura (DD) is getting tan.  Haru (latest Switch on Grandao) is the pinkish of all.  Sadly Hane is turning tint of green.  I may have to retire her soon…. (T_T)