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A very potent combination.  (´~`;;)

We haven’t seen rain for quite a while.  The news reported we have the lowest rainfall in 150 years.  The grass and leaves are becoming brown.  The days are hot with occasional wind.

Haru cooling by the window

Then recently, the haze from our neighbouring country covers our sky again.  So our days are now hot and hazy and smelly.  Even when I stay indoor, I can feel my sinus blocked up and sometimes, I get some pain in my sinus area.  Super uncomfortable.  ε-(´・`)

Haru cooling by the window

Haru cooling by the window

Now I can only hope the rain will come soon. Very soon.  Very, very soon…

Man-in-the-house suggested I should get my girls and boys to perform some rain dance…maybe I should…

〜(m~-~)ノ ~(((rain….rain…rain…〜(ノ–)ノ~ ヽ(–ヽ)