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Project 1:  Organising my stuff

I have finally come to a point when I couldn’t see what fabrics and laces etc I have for my sewing project.  So I made the painful decision to reorganise my stuff knowing it will take me a lot of time and efforts.  I searched the internet for ideas, went out to buy the necessary boards and clear boxes and collected rolls for reuse etc.  Today, I’m happy to declare my cupboard is now neat and clear.  Hopefully, this will last.  (^_^)

organise fabric organise ribbons organise laces

Good thing I have decided to reorganise my stuff.  Didn’t realise I have so much sewing materials and some are duplicates too. (- __- ;;)

Project 2: New coat for my SD17 sized boys

I quite like the jackets of Ciel in the Black Butler manga.  So I thought maybe I can try to make one for the boys.  Because I thought of making it for my Mikado and Tetsu, I modified it a bit, replacing the ribbons with belt etc.  Something like this?

Pardon my feeble attempt to sketch a manga boy… (*^〜^*)

two tone jacket for SD17 sized boy

two tone jacket for SD17 sized boy

Still working on it. Struggled a bit with the pockets….and I need to buy the buttons and a belt buckle….