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hane in a country outfit

Once a while, I want to be fast in my sewing so I try to skip steps.  Sometimes, the results turn out to be below my expectation. ―(T_T)

I was attracted by this brown printed fabric but the man-in-the-house thought the colour too dull.  In my impatience to prove otherwise, I went straight to sewing.  The result was a very simple but dull dress. ( >_<)

Disappointed, I left the dress in my project basket for some time.  Unable to decide what to do with it.

hane in a country outfit

Last month I received a box of sketching pencils from my sister. I was at a lost where to start as I haven’t drawn anything for a long time.  「(゚ペ)  Then I thought why not draw the outfits in my dollybird magazines first. After I have finished them, I proceeded to the outfits I like on the internet and in my manga.  When I am sketching the outfit, I am also thinking through how I should sew the outfit.

Soon I have an idea for this dress.  With the sketch done, I dismantled the dress and resewed it.  Piece by piece.  Step by step.

sketch for the outfit

And this is the result.  I’m happy with it and the man-in-the-house said it’s much better than before.  (^_^)  Lesson learnt.

hane in a country outfit hane in a country outfit

hane in a country outfit