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leonie and nyanko sensei leonie and nyanko sensei

I have been neglecting my hobbies for quite a while.  I caught some flu bugs and have been under the weather. (´・`) Have not come down with flu for quite some time…don’t like the feeling.

The weather has been dry and windy these months.  We have seen very little rain since Jan.  The plants are getting brown and lifeless. (-__-;)  And flu is getting common.

Anyway, this is Leonie with nyanko sensei.  If you read the manga, Natsume’s Book of Friends [夏目友人帳], you will be familiar with nyanko sensei.  He is a mysterious and powerful ayakashi and also Natsume’s bodyguard.  He usually adopts the form of a maneki neko (lucky cat) so Natsume calls him nyanko sensei.  His favourite pastimes are eating, drinking and sleeping.  (^_^)  Good life, isn’t it?