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In a day’s time, we will be ushering in the Year of the Horse.  Lunar New Year is considered a major yearly festival for Chinese.  Usually, before the Lunar New Year, there will be spring cleaning, shopping of new stuff and food, preparation for the reunion dinner, going to the temples and even renovation for some.

This year, somehow we are in the mood to celebrate.  So the man-in-the-house and I have been doing a lot of shopping, cleaning and decorating of the house.  Lots of gold and red ornaments, lanterns, flowers and auspicious couplets now adorn our house.  (^_^)

We have been so busy with the house that I just realised that I have totally forgotten about preparing my dolls for Lunar New Year photo shoot.  (-___-”)

This is a last minute effort but we still want to wish all especially those who are celebrating Lunar New Year:


大吉大利, 五福临门, 新年快乐。

[Wishing you great luck, great wealth and may the five blessings: longevity, wealth, health, love of virtue and peaceful end, descended upon your house.  Happy New Year]

kagura wishing all a Prosperous New Year