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Here is Haru again.

haru switch shiho haru switch shiho

I haven’t decided what her background is and how she will relate to the rest of the gang.  The man-in-the-house suggested she and Tetsu forms a pair of quarrelsome lovers.  I thought of her either as Tetsu’s future bride in an arranged marriage or as Kaoru’s aunt.  Not by blood.  His grandparents adopted her in their older years.

Anyway, I haven’t decided yet which it is going to be since I haven’t gotten a chance to photograph her with Tetsu.  But I’m sure her story will come to me later.  (^_^)

haru switch shiho haru switch shiho

Haru seems pleased with her body and I must say, I am too.  So far, she poses quite well and is able to stand without a stand.  I’m happy I have decided to get her this body. (^∀^)