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I ordered Haru’s body from Granado in Dec and it came in Jan 10.  This is fast.  Since we are still seeing rainy days, I only managed to do a quick body brushing during the weekend when it happened we had good sun.

This is my first order from Granado and I have nothing to complain.  The body is smooth to touch and stand on its own when taken straight out of the box.

Box opening for nuevo body

It fits Haru’s head quite well.  The resin match is not exact but acceptable for me.  In fact, I find Haru’s resin more pinkish compared to the rest of my Switch gang.  Did Switch change their resin colour?

A little comparison between Switch’s Humming Dolly (on the left) and Granado’s Nuevo (on the right):

toe comparison of nuevo and humming dolly

Notice the toes on the Nuevo body is slightly not leveled? Quite interesting.

finger comparison of nuevo and humming dolly

I find the fingers of the Nuevo body quite pointy. Will have to be more careful when dressing her.

Lastly, her shoulders, waist and hips are all wider than SD16 while her L-bust is smaller.  She can only wear a few of Kagura’s loose fitting clothes.  This means more sewing projects for me. (^_ ^;;)