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Brought Nanette to a pre-New Year lunch gathering with some friends yesterday.  After an enjoyable lunch, we went up to the roof garden with our dollies and cameras.  The roof garden has some nice greenery and a mini waterfall.  Quite a pleasant place for photos.  Instantly, we were shooting away at the DD, Pureneemo and one Blythe. What a diverse group.  (^_^)

Good thing, there was sun and strong wind.  Not-so-good-thing was Nanette suffered a few falls on her face because of the wind and her shoes kept dropping off.  After a few shoots, both of us gave up.

By the way, I want to mention that Nanette is wearing the new outfit I have made based on a pattern by Hanon in Dollybird vol 19. Pretty, isn’t it?

nanette at the roof garden


nanette at the roof garden nanette at the roof garden