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SHIHO; source taken from SWITCH

I couldn’t resist his puppy eyes and sexy lips… (*゚.゚)♡


After weeks of enduring the cement, noise, smell of turpentine and paint, and then cleaning, packing and unpacking, the renovation work is finally completed.  The two humans and one dog are totally exhausted.  (;´ρ`) Don’t think I want to go through another renovation for at least 10 years.

Poor dog.  He had his ten-year-old birthday before the renovation began and then he found himself suddenly “exiled” out of the house for a couple of weeks.  The plus point is he is more obedient than before.  Wonder how long this obedience will last. (~_^)

Hopefully by next week, I will recover enough to play with my dollies……meantime, they are all enjoying the fresh air, having been cooped up in their boxes for weeks.

p/s:  We are all glad to be back.  See you around! ( ´ ▽ ` )/