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Monday morning.  Tetsu was standing in front of his shoe locker when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.  Turning around he looked into the smiling face of Mikado.

“Good morning! Tetsu!”

“Huh?  Why are you calling me by my name?”

“Why not?  You can call me Mikado too.  Oh!  We better run…” And before Tetsu could react, Mikado grabbed his wrist and started running towards the classroom dragging him along.

And so from that morning, Tetstu suddenly found himself the centre of Mikado’s attention.  At every break between lessons, he found Mikado hanging around chatting about anything and everything.  At every lunch break, he found Mikado having lunch with him.  Every time they needed to form a team for school work or physical exercise, Tetsu would find himself in the same team as Mikado.  When Tetsu was studying in the library, he would find Mikado sitting beside him studying too.  Every morning Mikado would meet him at the shoe locker and walk to the classroom with him.  Every day after school, Mikado would walk to the station with Tetsu.  Every now and then, Mikado would throw an invitation to Tetsu to a movie or a karaoke or tea.  Even though Tetsu would turn him down every time.

By chance, Mikado managed to get hold of Tetsu’s mobile number and mail.  And so, Tetsu found himself receiving messages regularly from Mikado.

Mikado becoming a close friend to tetsu

Initially, Tetsu was irritated by the constant presence of Mikado and his attention.  He tried various tactics from hiding to ignoring to even being rude and nasty.  But all these would only spur Mikado to step up his efforts to break down the wall between them.

Soon, they became known as best friends for they were always seen together.  Slowly, Tetsu began to feel tired of trying to push Mikado away and telling people they were not best friends.  He began to accept having Mikado around him.

“I suppose it won’t do me any harm.  I can just see him as my pet dog.” Tetsu convinced himself.

And then, summer came.

Tetsu was reading his book while Mikado was napping beside him.

“Ahhh…it’s summer already.”





“Shall we go to the beach during the holiday?”




Mikado smiled and went back to his napping while Tetsu continued his reading in silence.