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= Ajisai [Hydrangea]

I find hydrangea a very interesting flower.  When you look at the whole ball of flowers, it looks majestic and yet upon close inspection, it is actually made up of small simple flowers.  And depending on the acidity of the soil, the flowers can come in different shades of blue or pink.

I first knew about them through anime.  Two of them gave me relatively strong impression.  For the first anime, I can only remember the scene shows both sides of the stairway blooming with blue ajisai.  The other one is in xxxHolic.  The ajisai are crying because a body was buried underneath them.

The last time I went to Japan, I didn’t get to see any ajisai.  (;_・)Hopefully the next time I go, I would get to see seas of them blooming in different shades of blue.  I think it would be beautiful.

Anyway, for these lots of photos, Hane is the model wearing the kimono I have made for the girls.  The photos are processed for effect.

hane in kimono and ajisaihane in kimono and ajisaihane in kimono and ajisai