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Mikado [Soseo], Tetsu [Ryun] and Kaoru [Rusi] in casual shirts

“Yo! Amaha! What a coincidence!” Mikado cheerfully greeted a surprised Tetsu.

“Igarashi” Tetsu mumbled.

“This is Kiriyama Kaoru. He’s first year in our school.”

“Nice to meet you, senpai.”

“Ah…nice to meet you.” Tetsu reluctantly replied.

“Do you have anything on?  Do you want to join us for lunch and after that we’re …”

“No.” Tetsu firmly replied before Mikado could finished his offer.

Annoyance flashed across Mikado’s face.  “I’ve heard from our classmates that you have been rejecting every invitation from them since you came. Why?”

Irritated, Tetsu said, “It’s none of your business” and turned to move away.

Mikado grabbed Tetsu’s arm and asked, “None of my business?  Since we came in, you have been hurting people who want to befriend you by pushing them away. Why? Why are you so determined to be alone?  Don’t you want to have friends?”

Tetsu glared at Mikado and firmly replied, “I have no need for friends. They will only give me troubles. Now, please let go.”

Surprised by the anger in Tetsu’s declaration, Mikado let him go.

Mikado [Soseo], Tetsu [Ryun] and Kaoru [Rusi] in casual shirts

Watching Tetsu merged into the crowd, Kaoru turned to Mikado and saw a determined smile on his face. “Mik-ni?”

“You have no need for friends? Well, my dearest Tetsu, I will show you how a good friend I am and how much troubles you will get from me.”  He mumbled.