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“Also?”  Hane quizzed.  “Is there another transfer student?”

“Yes.  I heard the teachers talking about a new third year student.  It seems he comes from a very established family in Kyoto.  The family seems to have quite a long history and presence in Kyoto.  Oh!  I remember now!  His surname is Amaha.  I wonder if he is related to the president of the Amaha group.  If he is, then he is rich.  Filthy rich.”  Mayi eagerly supplied the information.

“Hmmm…”  Hane didn’t seem impressed though.

hane is not impressed

“Ok. Fine. I can see you are very, very impressed.” Mayi quipped sarcastically.  Hane grinned.

“So.  What’s this about your brother coming?” Mayi queried.

“Grandpa hasn’t been well recently and mama is worried.” Hane waved aside Mayi’s worried expression.  “It’s not so serious.  Just some old age complaints.  The main thing is grandpa is lonely.  So papa proposed moving to France so that mama can spend more time with grandpa.”

“I prefer to stay here.   But Papa and mama are worried that I would be alone here.  So, nii-chan offered to come back to Japan to continue his study plus to keep me company.”  Hane finished.

“Very nice of your brother.  To leave his friends and study in England.”

“Of course, he’s.  He’s the best.”

“Yes, yes.  I can see that.  He’s the best brother.  And not forgetting, he is also the handsomest brother in the entire universe.” Mayi teased knowing how much Hane adored her big brother.

Hane reached over and tickled Mayi and they both collapsed into laughters.


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