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Hane reading a book

“Hane chanー♪!”

“Ah! Mayi chan! Is the meeting with the Student Council over already?” Hane closed her book and looked at the bespectacled and slim girl standing before her.  Kuroda Mayi was their class rep and thus she has to attend the weekly meetings held by the Student Council.  Hane was waiting for Mayi to finish so that they could go off together to pick up some stuff at the mall.   Kaoru has already gone off for his music lesson.

“Oh that.  I didn’t go today.  Kiyoshi kun went instead.  I was caught by Mr Kobayashi to do some stuff for him at the staff room.  That Kiyoshi kun is really frustrating….”

“Mayi chan is still as excitable when matters concern Kiyoshi.”  Hane mused.  Mayi, Kiyoshi and Kaoru and Hane have been schoolmates since elementary and they got along quite well.  Mayi was good in both her studies and carrying out the duties of a class rep and well-liked by the students and teachers.  Thus, she was almost always elected as the class rep else the assistant class rep.  Kiyoshi was good in his studies and well-liked too but he also liked to avoid any duties.  This year, Mayi was their class rep while unfortunately Kiyoshi was their assistant class rep.

Hane [Ancy] reading

“Hane chan? Hane chan?  Are you listening?”

“Sorry.  ( ´∀`)”  Hane smiled, apologetic.

“Hmmp! ( ̄へ ̄)Zoning out this like….” Mayi pouted playfully and then smiled.  “Anyway I was saying I heard some interesting news at the staff room just now.”

Hane smiled and waited patiently for Mayi to continue.

“Yes.  Do you know there will be a transfer student coming in tomorrow?  And he’s a third year!  Isn’t it rare?”  Indeed, their school was a direct admission from elementary to high school and then to the university.  It was rare to have a transfer student coming in at this time to the high school.

“En.  I know”

“Er??!!  You know? How did you know?” Mayi exclaimed.

“Because he’s my brother.” Hane smiled.

“Your brother???  ( ゜ロ゜) Errrr???!!!  Your brother is coming also?” Mayi exclaimed again.