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The time passed swiftly when one was busy.  Soon, the classes came to an end for the day.  Some students were beginning to pack up while others were preparing for their club activities.

Hane and Kaoru went to their favourite hideout in the yard.  They have some time before their next activities.  Hane eagerly continued her book while Kaoru listened intently to the music streaming from his headphones and looked at the music scores he has laid on his laps.  Now and then, he fingered something in the air as if he was playing some invisible instrument.

Kaoru and Hane taking a break

The air was chirpy today even though spring has begun.  The school was becoming alive again with the sounds of activities going on.  Shouts of commands and encouragement from the baseball team; the loud “thwonk” of the tennis ball hitting the racket; the wooden clank from the kendo club; the drift of singing from the choir…

Hane was enjoying her story when she heard a soft tune.  She put down her book and looked at Kaoru.  He was so engrossed in his music that he was humming along with it.

Unable to contain her curiosity, she tapped Kaoru’s shoulder and asked, “What are you listening to?”

Kaoru looked up from his music scores and stared at Hane.  Hane gestured to his headphones.  Kaoru blinked and then comprehension dawned on his eyes as he took his headphones down.

“What are you listening to?”

“Oh…Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto.”

When Kaoru saw the blank look on Hane’s face, he smiled and then he reached over and put his headphones on her ears.  Then he clicked the replay button on his iPod.

Kaoru put his headphones on Hane's

Kaoru’s smile broadened when he saw Hane became absorbed by the music.

Hane enjoying the music




I have always wanted to try making this sort of black traditional school uniform for them as this is my favourite type of uniform in anime/manga.  And yes, I did it finally.  Mikado’s was the first prototype and the fit was too snug.  Tetsu’s too loose.  Kaoru’s just nice.  For Hane’s, I based her sailor uniform on a SD boy sailor outfit.  Surprisingly, the fit is quite ok.  Instead of ribbon for the collar, I used a daisy-chain trimming.  All in all, I was quite happy with the result. (*^_^*)

The photos were taken in the morning but the sun was very strong.  So the first attempt failed because Kaoru looked washed out and pale in the harsh light.  For the second attempt, I covered the window with white cloth to diffuse the harsh light.  Photos were then slightly processed.  They looked better.  (^_^)