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It was the season of new beginning.  The morning air was pregnant with the sweet scent of the flowers.

Groups of students were walking toward the school gates.  Some were shouting greetings to each other.  Some were chatting happily.  Some were just hurrying by.  Amongst them was a youthful looking boy.  He was strolling along with his hands in his pockets and listening intently to the music streaming from his headphones.  The boy has a fair complexion and a pair of huge dreamy eyes.  That sort of eyes you could drown in.

“Kaoru!” A young girlish voice chipped from behind him.  But the boy continued on his way.

“Kaoru!!” The voice became louder and impatient.  “Ka-oru!!!”

The boy stopped suddenly.  He felt a pull on his shirt.  He turned and saw a girl’s hand gripping his shirt.  The owner has a pleasant countenance.  But at present, the girl was not smiling.  In fact, she seemed somewhat out of breath.

hane and kaoru in school uniforms

The boy’s perplexed face broke into a cheerful smile and shifted his headphones to his shoulders.

“Hane.  Good morning.”

“Good morning.”  She gasped.

“Are you running late?”


“Then, why…”

“You!  I have been calling you! Didn’t you hear me?”  Hane puffed her cheeks and glared at Kaoru.

Realising what had happened, Kaoru blushed and mumbled a quick apology.

hane and kaoru in school uniforms

Accepting his apology, Hane smiled and asked “How was your vacation?”

“En.  Ok.”

Hane rolled her eyes.  “Sounds like you had a very interesting vacation.” Kaoru smiled sheepishly.

“Have you grown taller?”  Hane asked measuring her height to his.

“Don’t know.”  Kaoru shrugged.

“Hane chan!  Kiriyama kun!” A chirpy voice called out to them.  It was their classmate, Kuroda Mayi.


I thought of trying something new.  To weave the four of them and their photos into some sort of story.  (^_^)  Not sure how it would go.  But I want to try.  Hope it will grow up well.  Constructive comments are always welcomed.  (^_^)