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I have been busy.  Doing a lot of things.  One of them is giving my dolls new look.  Mikado has his.  Now, Leonie.  The weather has not been cooperative though.  In fact, it has been erratic recently.  Lots of heavy and sudden rain and some strong sunny slots.

But I managed to snatch the few sunny days.  Opened up her head and did a few stuff.  Wasn’t happy with it.  And redid again.  So, here’s the results.

By the way, her dress was a sewing practice on this piece from Dollybird vol 17.

db17 p9 Blythe one piece

This is the new Leonie. As refreshing as a breeze. (^_^)  Some day, I will get her some new eye chips.  Meantime, I quite like her new look.

Leonie's new look

Leonie's new look

Leonie's new look