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Mikado [Soseo] eating his crepe

Mikado [Soseo] listening to musicMikado [Soseo] listening to musicMikado [Soseo] listening to musicMikado [Soseo] listening to music

Mikado likes to listen to his music whenever he is waiting for his next lectures.  Sometimes, he will munch on something sweet too.  (whisper: This fellow has sweet tooth.)


I went on a shopping spree recently and purchased a number of items from Crobidoll.  I got my stuff delivered in just a few days nicely packed.  Mikado is wearing the new wig, headphones and eyes.  All from Crobidoll.  I like the wig.  Soft and smooth to the touch.  Switch’s head is usually smaller.  So he can wear 8-9 inch and it is a snug fit.  Mikado got a new face-up too.  He looks fresher.  In short, I quite like his new look.  (*^_^*)

Photos were taken in a rainy afternoon and processed.  I was playing with another mode in the camera.  Still figuring it out.  (-__-”)