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Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you for the Likes and support for the past year.  Hope we will continue to enjoy our adventures together.


I was inspired to do a quick sketch of my dolly family on the first day of 2013. Made it into the header for my blog even though it is so-so.  (*^-^*)


˜Lucien and Leonie are chasing after the butterfly.   Kaoru is making flower crown with Sophia and Momoko.  Mikado is napping on Tetsu’s lap.  Hane and Kagura are flying kite.  Josephine, Nanette and Anna are enjoying their tea.˜

May 2013 be a year full of joy and peace
and as we race around making a living,
may we remember to stop and breathe in the air,
listen to the chirping of the birds,
feel the sun and wind on our skins,
smell the fragrance of the grass and flowers
and hold the hands of our loved ones.

Have a Joyful and Fruitful 2013! ♡ミ \(^0^)/ ⌒☆