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Managed to get my hands on the latest copy of Dollybird yesterday.  (^_^)  I quite enjoy browsing these magazines.  The sewing instruction are not so simple, I would say, but the photos are beautiful.  I like that they have a theme for each volume and photo tutorials on shoes, bags making, embroidery etc.

Thought to make a synopsis on the volumes I have for those who might be interested.  If you like the content of a particular volume, please consider purchasing the book.  \(^_^)/

dollybird vol. 17Dollybird vol.17 FELT & LEATHER

Photo tutorials on making needle felt brooch, leather corsage, leather bag & sandals; body brushing for DD; Dolly Pattern Workshop III; feature on Unoa Quluts Xyle & Zest.

Sewing instruction: Odeco & Nikki, SD, Blythe, SD 13, DD, Unoa brothers.

dollybird vol. 16Dollybird vol.16 STYLING

Article on styling ideas using the same basic pattern; feature on Unoa Quluts Ange/Belia; Dolly Pattern Workshop II; photo tutorial on painting eyes for DD.

Sewing instruction: Blythe, Unoa, DD.

dollybird vol. 15Dollybird vol.15 HANDCRAFT

Photo tutorials on embroidery, smocking, corsage, tatting lace; dolly pattern workshop; photo tutorial on DD face up.

Sewing instruction: SD 13, Yo SD, Skipper, Unoa, Blythe, DD.

dollybird vol. 14Dollybird vol. 14 ALICE

Alice by artists, in movie land, in dolly land; article on Toyfield.

Sewing instruction: Unoa, Odeco & Nikki, Blythe, DD.

dollybird vol. 13Dollybird vol.13 FACTORY

Photo tutorials on hat, bag and shoes making; articles on Kiki and Toyfield.

Sewing instruction: MSD, SD13, SD, Unoa, Kiki, Blythe.

dollybird vol. 11Dollybird vol. 11 HOMME

Doll measurement and data for 25 Homme dolls from Volks to Licca, Unoa, Pocket Fairy, etc.

Sewing instruction: coats for SD 17 and 13, outfits for Unoa Quluts B-EL & L-BI, MSD & Yo SD, Unoa Quluts SS, Blythe and Betsy.

dollybird vol. 10Dollybird vol.10 STANDARD

Doll measurement and data for 50 dolls from Volks to Blythe, Ai, momoko, Barbie etc.

Sewing instruction: lingerie for these dolls.

dollbird vol. 9Dollybird vol. 9 ANTIQUE

Article on vintage toys; photo tutorial on how to open a Blythe’s head; feature on Skipper; photo guide on Unoa Quluts Zero.

Sewing instruction: Remake sewing series for Barbie, Skipper, Blythe, Unoa Quluts, SD, Yo SD; Unoa Quluts Zero.

dollybird vol. 7Dollybird vol.7 AIRLINE

Article on the dolls released related to the various airlines.  Photo tutorial on how to make a casaquette, work boots and hip/shoulder bag.  Photos and notes on Yoshida style making of ball-jointed doll.

Sewing instruction: Basic air stewardess uniform; Blythe; dress for Tiny Betsy; Petite Ai.