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headband details for blytheRecently I was bitten by the reconstruction of clothes bug.  So I have been surfing the internet for tutorials and ideas.  In the process, I acquired ideas and knowledge to make these little headbands for my Blythes.

Here they are on Josephine’s head.

Oriental Stripes.  This is my favourite.  (*^_^*)  Learned from Trinkets in Bloom.  I used colourful embroidery threads instead and glued on the blinks blinks in flower arrangement.


Princess Blue.  I used ruffles trimmings to make the base before sewing on the pearls and beads.

josephine wearing the new headbands

Glistering Blue.  I used different sizes and shades of blue beads and crystals to make this.


Red Butterfly.  The red ribbon looks like a butterfly.  Non?j_0189

In Bloom.  Just a simple flower made of satin.j_0190

Any favourite for you? (^_^)