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doughnuts are goneN: Oh!  The doughnuts have disappeared!

no tea leftJ: Hmmm…not a drop of tea left…

ewww!L: Ewww!  What’s this?? ( ̄~ ̄;)

did my bed just moved?L: Eek!  Did my bed just moved?  Ahhh!  \(>o<)/ There’s something in my bed!!!

J: Hush!  Be quiet! (`ー´)  Stand around the bed.  I will lift the blanket and you two get ready to catch it.

N: Roger!

L: Eh???  Do I have to?? o(>< )oo( ><)o

J: Shush!  On the count of 3.  1…2…3!

Lucien and the three blythes

N: d(-_^) oOOooo!

J: mhmmm… ( ̄一* ̄)

L: Eeeek!  What is it? ….. Oooh! (* ̄o ̄)


finis.  The three bear-Blythes

L: Finis!  Thank you!  Thank you!

N [in the background]: What is she so excited about?

Lucien [in the background]: Huh?  I only have a cameo appearance? (;_・)

J [mumbling to herself]: So tiring…I need to sit down.


Inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Photos were taken in the morning and processed to boost the colours.

Have this idea in my head for more than a year.  Didn’t get round to work on it because I couldn’t decide whether to crochet the bear caps or use the mohair meant for my teddy bears or use felt wool.  Finally.  Earlier this year, I decided to cut up my precious mohair.  At the most, I will have smaller bears for these three mohair piles.  I made the old rose first.  Then it sat on Nanette’s head for months until recently.  Hehehe… I was being very lazy. (*^^*)

Anyway, I like how the bear caps turned out.  No regrets in cutting up my mohair.  Maybe I would make one each for the boys too. ( *ー*) muahaha!