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Mikado [Soseo] and Kaoru [Rusi]

K: ミッニ…(Mik-ni).

M: Hi Kaoru.  Are you leaving already?

K: En.

mikado putting on the scarf for kaoru

M: It’s getting chilling outside.  Here.  Use my scarf.

K: Oh….

M: Warm enough?

K: En….(*^^*)

M: Come.  I will send you home.

K: ええ! But….you’ve just came back.

mikado and kaoru

M: Don’t worry.  It’s getting dark and cold outside and it’s faster I send you.  Come.

K: Thank you.  (*^-^*)


Mikado has sort of “adopted” Kaoru into his family since he is his sister’s classmate and close friend.

These photos continued from my previous post.