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Finally.  It was time to make our way there.  As expected.  The MRT was packed with elderly, pregnant mothers, kids, adults, teenagers, tourists and …….  characters from the anime!!! p(*^-^*)q  This was like a once-a-year when the gate between the two worlds, real and anime, opens and their folks mingle and visit each other.  What a sight!

This year the turnout seemed to be bigger than the last.  The event hall was packed.  Even the ground around the hall was overtaken by people: cosplayers, their supporters, photographers and curious onlookers.

It was a little disappointing for me though.  The things I wanted, like the Nendoroid Kuroyukihime, were sold out.  It was only the second day! (;_・)

Gundam Nendoroid Anime Festival Asia AFA 2012

These were some of the new Gundam, figures and nendoroid on display.

And of course, the DDs!  Such a big group!  See!  Kagura’s standing there in her red kimono and helping to display the hats I had done up for the event.  Such a sweet helper. (^_^)

kagura dd anime festival asia afa 2012

There were a few other types of dolls too: ball-jointed (bjd) and Azone girls but the majority were DDs.  It’s like in a dream seeing so many of them.

A pity I didn’t manage to take more photos.  Maybe next year, I should plan to go on the first day instead.  (^□^*)