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These two have been friends for so long that they can’t remember when they first met. Was it at the playground near their houses? Maybe it was the nursery school. Or it could be the hospital where they were born.

Fact is they are Osananajimi. Childhood friends. Friends since infancy. They are neighbours too. They grew up together. Learned to walk together. Learned to speak together. Went to school together. They are closer than some brothers were. They are like two peas in a pod.

Mikado and Tetsu, two friends

In anime/manga, osananajimi is not a rare character setup. Whenever I see such pair of characters, my heart is warmed by the fate [縁; えん] between them.

But sometimes, I wonder, in reality, is this possible?

Mikado and Tetsu, two friends

Imagine what great fate [縁] it is if there’s such a friend who would grow up with you; walk the life journey with you; and then grow old together with you?

mikado and tetsu, two friends