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I received the tracking number from SWITCH on Fri (24 Aug) evening and was expecting his arrival on the following Thu or Fri.  But on Mon, 27 Aug, he was at my door. (;゜0゜)

As usual, the package from SWITCH was neatly packed.

box opening for soseoThe outer box was a sturdy one and the inner box was bubble wrapped.  Neat and clean.

soseo box openingHe was cocooned inside a zipped blanket and came with a guide book and card.

soseo box openingSee!  Very neatly wrapped.  No missing fingers or crack.  (ˆ_ˆ) Always happy to receive packages like this.  Neatly wrapped and content well protected.

So, here is Mikado [帝] which means “emperor”.  He’s Soseo on the Humming Dolly 65 boy body from SWITCH.  A surprise gift from the man-in-the-house.  (●⌒∇⌒●)

His charm pendant is a flower.

mikado [soseo] sporting sunglasses and hat

mikado [soseo] in sun glasses

mikado [soseo] debut

mikado debut

mikado debut