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momoko with biting shoesWhat would you do if your new shoes bite?

Would you throw them into the darkest corner of your cupboard?  Give them away?  Wear them with plaster and endure the pain, consoling self that the teeth would go away soon?  Or are you the lucky one who doesn’t have this problem at all?

I don’t have such luxury.  I like shoes.  All kinds.  But I can’t wear most of them.  Especially the pretty dainty sorts.  Most would give me excruciating back pain after less than 1 hour of wearing them.

In the past, I bought the assurance from the salesperson that the shoes would become comfortable after a few wears and meanwhile suffered the pain.  Now, I just go for those chunky-aunty-looking-but-comfortable shoes which also cost me a bomb.  What to do when your body refuses to accept such challenge? \(--)/  At least I don’t have to suffer the pain.

momoko in embroidered one piece

Yesterday, I saw a lady wearing a pair of flat pointy shoes.  Portion of her feet were spilling out of the pointy front.  (>。≪) Sitting there watching her feet, I started to wonder if she feels any pain walking around like that.  Is she aware of the damage she might be causing her feet?

A friend of mine used to love wearing high heels.  She stopped wearing them after she had surgery on her feet.  Side effects of high heels.  Now she wears chunky comfy shoes like me.  At least I have company. (ˆ_˜)

momoko in embroidered one piece

momoko in embroidered one piece