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Lucien looking at dollybird

Me: A..um…may I know what are you doing with my magazine?  And pray tell, why are you half naked?

L: This sailor outfit looks good. (^□^*)

Me: Ok.  But you have not answered my questions.

L: I like it very much. (^□^*)

Me:  I’m sure you do….

Lucien and dollybird

L:  Do you think it would suit me? (^□^*)

Me: And if it does? ( ; ̄ー ̄)

L [Charming power mode: switched on]: Would it cause you too much trouble to make one for me?  (o*´∇`)o  But of course, I wouldn’t wish to inconvenience you too much.

Me [This boy!  He knows I’m weak against his charms.  Hrumph!]: \(--)/   Fine…I’ll make one for you.

L:  Really?  You would?  So kind of you! ( *^^)^*) ☆Kiss!!


And this was how my adventure with his sailor outfit began.

First, selection of the materials.  Hmmm….Light blue and off-white should look good on him.  And I have just enough of them.

L [trying to be helpful]: I like this white ribbon.

Me: はい、はい。[yes, yes]

After tracing out the patterns onto the fabric, I started cutting them out.  That was easy.  How difficult can it be?

Next the sewing.  I was going to sew the darts as indicated on the pattern when I realised I made a big mistake! ∑(O_O;)

L: へえ—! (゜〇゜;)

the sailor outfit pattern

There’s supposed to be two darts (box pleat) of about 2cm each running down the back.  But that 4cm is not included in the pattern piece for the back.  Checking the pattern pieces again, I made the same mistake for the front too!  I have not included the allowances for the box pleats on the front and back when I cut the material!!! This is the price for not reading the instruction carefully first!  ( T_T )

Not wanting to waste the material, I modified the back as below and go without darts for the front.  This pattern is meant for Unoa boy.  It can fit Minifee quite snugly but I will need to pay attention to the length of sleeves and pants.

the changes made

Because of this big mistake, my mood dipped toward the direction of south.  Thus distracted, I continued to sew and then to my horror, realised I sewed the cuffs for the pants onto the sleeves!!!  No wonder the fit is a bit strange.

L: へえ—! (゜〇゜;)

Now, my mood definitely went all the way south.  Utterly disgusted with myself and seeing the sadness on Lucien’s face, I stopped what I was doing and considered how I could salvage the situation.  After some thoughts, I decided to modify the sailor outfit and i.e. change the design.  With my mind made up, I proceeded to adjust the pieces and then sewed away.  Fortunately, no further disaster visited.

As a compensation for my carelessness, I crocheted a beret cap for him to wear with the outfit.  And this is the result.  The outfit now only looks remotely similar to the one in the dollybird magazine.  But, it still retains the sailor look.  So, I guess mission is accomplished?

lucien and his sailor outfit

L: I’m very pleased.  Thank you. ( *^^)^*) ☆Kiss!!

Me: You’re welcomed.  Glad you like it.  (*´ο`*)=3

A: That looks very good.

L (whispering to Anna): Maybe you can try asking for one too?  Then we can go sailing together…

A (turning to me): I think that is a very good idea.  I would like to have one please.  o(´∇`*o)

Me: へえ——!(゜〇゜;)