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One day, they decided they want to play sisterhood.

First, they would need a set of clothes of same or similar design.  Huh?  But I don’t like to repeat things.  I grimaced.  Immediately 3 pairs of eyes turned their full focus on me.

And so, I did.  I thought of some sort of English country dress of mix and match fabric.  Josephine is the oldest and the strong blue print would suit her.  Leonie is youngest and dreamy.  So a simple blue on white floral fabric would look on her.  Nanette dropped the red onto my hand before I could even blink.

When the dresses were done, they chose their boots.  Then Josephine announced that something was missing.

Me: What? (・_・?)

J: Hats.  We need hats to go with the outfits.

Huh ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━?!!  I’m not doing 3 hats of the same design!!!  Remembering I had crocheted some hats for Kagura and Anna in ripple yarn, I quickly negotiated with them and borrowed their hats.  Fortunately they were very agreeable.  Such sweet girls.

J: Are you implying something?

Me: Nope!  Ala!  No such thing.  Aha…aha…hahaha… ( ^▽^;)

Last, was the photo shoot.  First round of photos didn’t turn up well.  So we did it another day.

And another day turned out to be a SUPER hot afternoon!!!  I could feel the scorning heat even as I stood beside the window.  Perspiration was trickling down my back.  But the girls were happily posing and giving me commands.

Me: Why do I have to suffer this?  _| ̄|○.

These are the results.  The afternoon sun was blazingly hot.  So the photos looked overexposed and somehow there’s a sense of mysterious mood in the photos.

Josephine in blue

Leonie in simple blue on white floral

Nanette in red

leonie in blue on white

josephine in blue

three retreating into the dark

Doesn’t this photo look spooky?