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Leonie in kimonoいらっしゃ~いっ~~~Welcome!  Would you like to have some tea?

Leonie in kimono

Made this kimono based on a pattern found in Dollybird vol.9.  It comes with three different obi. This one is one of them.  It also includes the pattern for tabi socks.

Leonie in kimono

The sewing of the kimono is quite manageable except for the sleeve portion.  I was a bit lost on that bit on joining the sleeves to the body.  (-___-“)

Leonie in kimono

For her hair accessory, I used felt cloth to make some clusters of flowers and glued them to a hair clip.  Nothing complicated.  Lazy bum that I am. (⌒・⌒)

leonie in kimono

L: Totally agreed.  Such a simple accessory…..actually should do that flower…..and the white one also……mumble, mumble…mumble…

Me: (-__-|||)