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It was a hot, really super hot day.  So hot that after a while, I refused to step out of the shade.

I didn’t manage to take picture of all the ladies who had turned up even though it was a big one.  The sun was just too powerful for me. (_ _,)/~~~~  How did the ladies manage to brave the heat?

Early Birds Group Shot

Early Birds Line Up

Individual shot

A Kenner Blythe

She's probably the oldest lady around

Individual shot

Flowery cap

I quite like her cap. Cute.

Blythe with froggy boots

Lady in pink

Customised Blythe

She's a customised Blythe

Mini Group Shot

The one in red is another customised Blythe by the same artist as above

Blythe with blink blink on lashes

sexy eyes

Josephine braving the heat

Josephine braving the heat

I made her dress based on a design from Dollybird.  It was a rush job because I over-procastinated.  (*^〜^*)

Her owner gave up

And her owner finally surrendered to the heat

Date: 25 Feb

Venue: Rootop garden, Illuma

Theme: Green & Yellow