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They came!  In a pink box.  Yes.  A pink box.  Well, it looks pink to me.  Pardon me, but it’s the first time I have some order delivered to me in a pink box.

SWITCH in a pink boxThere they are.  Rusi and Ancy.  Fresh from the box.  (* ̄・ ̄*)

Rusi and Ancy

I have longed wanted Rusi but I didn’t manage to survive the click-war for him.  When Ancy came up for the Winter Event, he draws my eyes somehow.  So I decided to try to get him.  And luck was with me.  SWITCH threw in the additional option of getting Rusi and/or Vian!  After convincing the man-in-the-house how vital they are to my happiness plus dangling a limited edition Gundam kit as his Christmas present, I got the greenlight to order both of them as my Christmas gift.  p(*^-^*)q 

And today, the waiting has ended.

The stuff were well packed.  There’s great pride in their own products.

This is the dress set laid carefully in a box covered with tissue paper.

SWITCH Winter Gift Set 2011SWITCH Winter Gift Set 2011SWITCH Winter Gift Set 2011Beautiful neat sewing.  Sigh!  When can I sew like this?

SWITCH Winter Gift Set 2011The cap and rosary were put in another box.  Even the wig box was bubble-wrapped.  I’m impressed.

Now I’m happy.  For the moment.

Weeell, the boys need bodies, eyes….(^_-)☆wink