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Lunar New Year is round the corner.  Other than busy with spring cleaning, decorating the house with New Year ornaments and grocery shopping, I am also busy working on cheongsam for the girls.  This is my first attempt.

Cheongsam always bring to my mind the gorgeous cheongsam in 花样年华 (In the Mood for Love) and this old song,

华灯起,车声声 乐声响

Night in Shanghai, Shanghai night
You are a city that never sleeps
Busy with bright lights and noise of cars turn on the lights, start the music
As we sing and dance, we celebrate the peace…(lit.tran.)

Beautiful as it is, I find it a tough challenge to sew one.  Even for a doll.  (T_T)  The challenges I find are: making a good collar, sewing a smooth binding and of course, the pattern making for a good fit.

As I do not have any ready pattern, I have to start from scratch.  Modifying and piecing together paper patterns.  More adjustments to the paper patterns after making prototypes.  Finally, making the actual ones.

These are begining to have the look but there are still adjustments need to be done.  As I’m running out of time, they will do for now.  Hopefully by next Lunar New Year, I can make better cheongsam for the girls.  八(^□^*)

Leonie in red flowers cheongsamLeonie in red flowers cheongsamFor Leonie, I made a short skirt cheongsam with slightly flare sleeves and ribbons in place of the chinese knot buttons usually used in cheongsam.  With the two buns on her head, she looks like a little flower girl.  Just need to get her a small basket of flowers.  ( ̄▽ ̄)

Josephine’s cheongsam sports the long and formal design with silver beads as buttons.  And she looks so mature and serious.  But I always find her sporting a pissed-off face in photos…(~-~;)

Josephine in long golden orange cheongsamJosephine in long golden orange cheongsamJosephine in long golden orange cheongsamNanette’s is ready but she’s undergoing stain removal treatment at the moment.  So no photo.  Hopefully, in my next post…(^_^)