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Lucien in winter outfit

Recently, I’m pretty preoccupied with my crochet.  In fact, I have a few WIP crochet projects on hand.  Impatient and greedy fellow.  (~_^) I have managed to complete a few though.  These are the some of the finished ones: a red hat with muffler and a pearl white top for Lucien.  The bag was done months ago for Kagura.  But Lucien borrowed it.  (^_^)

For the white top, I used a more florid combination of stitches for the body giving it a more see-through effect.  Lucien doesn’t mind since he has a well-toned body to show off.  *grin*  For the sleeves, I wanted the effect of having plain double stitches contrasting the body.  The neckline was supposed to be a slight V making it a wee wider so it can slide down the shoulders easily.  Lucien is very pleased with it since he can wear the top without having to take off his head first.

The overall effect is not too bad, I think.  At least, he doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the top.  I supposed it helps that the yarn used is suitable for lace crochet.

The based photos were taken indoor during the afternoon using iPhone.  The rain has just stopped.  Photos were processed by iPhone app.

Lucien in winter outfit

The skull sticker on the hat was a find from Daiso. I found it cute and thus, it ended up in my shopping basket. ^_^

Lucien in winter outfitLucien in winter outfitLucien in winter outfitLucien in winter outfitLucien in winter outfit